Innkeeper of my soul

I started this story to chronicle the pursuit of my dream to own a bed and breakfast and to be an innkeeper. Well along the path to my dream, the dream changed

Somethings haven’t changed, though. This is still a journey to find home. Home in all its incarnations—physical, emotional, and spiritual—is essential to who I am and to my happiness. Most importantly, it’s about the journey home to myself. 

This is still a story about love, faith, courage, and trust. Mostly trust. Trusting that little voice inside me that knows my soul's desire. It was that little voice that pointed me to my true path: To be the innkeeper of my soul.

Now the dream is about peace and comfort. Finding peace and comfort in myself and then sharing that peace and comfort in the world around me. I’m not sure yet in what way that peace and comfort will manifest. What I am sure of is that it will happen one step, one knowing inkling at a time. 

I hope you’ll join me.